BBLT1067.00-Bagger Bolts™

BBLT1067.00-Bagger Bolts™

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Bagger Bolts™ Saddlebag Security and Theft System Made in the USA Prevents the bags from falling off due to overloading or weakening of the standard factory spring clips. It takes minutes to install and prevents the bags from falling off due to overloading or weakening of those standard factory spring clips. The Bagger Bolts™ will significantly increase the load capacity, security and theft protection of your saddlebags and their contents. Unlike the standard factory spring clips, with Bagger Bolts™ it is impossible to remove your locked saddlebags from the outside without destroying them in the process, rendering your saddlebags useless to would be thieves. Even with this added strength and security you will be able to attach and detach your saddlebags in a mater of seconds with our specially designed ratcheting tool, included in this kit. Fits ALL Harley-Davidson Touring Bikes with Hard Saddlebags, 2000-2016

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